British Virgin Islands Information

The British Virgin Islands main islands are Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, they're located in the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico. The weather in the BVI is gorgeous all year long making the beautiful white golden beaches perfect to chill and unwind from life's everyday pressures and strains. The mixing of Pretty weather, monumental views and the selection of exciting activities to experience are all reasons many of us choose to buy Island Fractional Property in the area.

History of BVI

The first inhabitants on the islands were the Arawak Indians, followed by the Caribs who arrived on the islands in the 1400's. In 1493 Christopher discovered the islands and upon seeing them he named them after St Ursula and her 11,000 followers who were martyred in the 4th century. However as the Spanish could not find any gold in the area they did not stay for long and never settled there. Pirates arrived on the islands and learned quickly that they could hide in the coves to be ready to ravage passing ships for their treasures. The British and Dutch both became interested in the Islands in the 17th century with the British gaining control creating a profitable sugar industry and importing African slaves to work on them. However the demise of the industry came after the abolishment of slavery in 1838 which lead to many European settlers returning to their homes. It was in the 1960's that the tourism industry took off with Laurence Rockerfeller recognizing the potential of these Serene islands.

Things to do in BVI

There are a lot of interesting and fun activities for for travelers staying in condos in this British overseas territory. One of the most popular attractions on the islands are the beautiful beaches, with beautiful white fluffy sand and clear blue waters that lap at the shore. The whole family are sure to find something to enjoy on these secluded beaches such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating and much more. If you are more of a land dweller there are still lots of things to do, with natural spots including the baths of Virgin Gorda, and if you want to take a look at the islands treasures you can visit the national parks and zoos. If you want to learn a bit more about the history of the BVI you may choose to visit the forts, historical buildings and museums. If you are feeling lucky, why not spend an evening in at the Virgin Islands Casino located in the Divi Carina Bay Resort.

Shopping on BVI

When you choose to take some time away from the beaches and your Apartment to go shopping in the BVI, be prepared for something of an adventure. You will not find shopping malls or very many brand names, however what you will find is unique Caribbean crafts, beachwear, jewelry and plenty of gifts and souvenirs. You may have to prepare yourself to go searching around the islands many little boutiques spread all across the island if you cannot find what you are looking for immediately. Road Town is the main shopping area and near to the dock you will find jewelry shops mostly aimed at the passengers. There is a shopping center near to the dock which is home to the British shop selling anything from Coke to Tetley tea. Nearby you will find main street which is filled with gift boutiques, restaurants, book shops, jewelry stored furniture shops and much more. This is a beautiful old world area and a wander down this road is a must as it reminds us all how shopping used to be.

Dining on BVI

When dining in the BVI you are likely to sample some of the finest cuisine in the Caribbean, whether you want traditional dishes, french, Asian or mixture of everything, there is something to satisfy everybody’s taste and budget. The restaurants in the British Virgin Islands are all placed in beautiful locations, whether you want to dine by the sea, or enjoy beautiful views of the islands, there will always be the perfect setting for your mood! Your night in the BVI does not need to end after you have finished your meal as the BVI offers a wide variety of entertainment, particularly live music in many different bars. You can experience famous local performers while enjoying delicious cocktails in the moonlight whether on the beach or in the town, you are guaranteed a unique experience!

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