Aruba Property Information and Points of Interest

Aruba is a preferred island for holiday-makers, this is unsurprising when you see what the island has to give. The striking amazing perspectives of an apparently never-ending expanse of sea will stun you as quickly as you arrive. With lovely wonderful beaches, perfect year round hot climate and plenty of activities on offer it isn't surprising that so many visitors are coming back time upon time and many even making the choices to purchase Island Fractional Property in order that they have a second home when they visit.

History of Aruba

The first inhabitants on the island of Aruba as with many others were the Arawak Indians, the tribe that lived on Aruba were called the Caiquetios and they settled on the island having migrated from the Orinoco Basin in South America. In 1499 the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda arrived on the island and took it for Spain although they did not view it as a very lucrative island so left it to the Caiquetios for the following 150 years. It was in 1636 that the Dutch defeated the Spanish to rule the island, except for a short time from 1805 1815 this has been the case ever since.

Things to do on Aruba

Aruba's beautiful white sandy beaches are the main attraction for vacationers who visit the island to stay in villas, and with the perfect weather they are great to take time out and relax any time of the year. For the more adventurous types the beaches offer plenty of water sports to keep you occupied such as scuba diving to view the amazing sea-life and coral, snorkeling, windsurfing and much more. A very good championship golf course has been built on the island for keen golfers which has many challenges along with strong winds and beautiful scenery. There are many natural wonders on the island including the caves which are a must visit when staying in Aruba vacation homes, there are also tours around the gold mills which are fascinating to learn about the gold mining industry that once existed in Aruba.

Shopping on Aruba

Aruba is not only known as one of the best spots for vacations in the Caribbean, it is also thought of as one of the hottest shopping destinations also. Aruba's capital Oranjestad is a historical place with great shopping, here you will find shops selling anything from designer clothes, jewelry to souvenirs and local crafts. Vendors line the streets offering traditional arts, crafts and mouth watering foods. Another good shopping spot to visit on an afternoon out from your villa is the wharf area situated in downtown Aruba, it is a busy place selling an array of goods, along with several art galleries displaying local art. Wherever you decide to shop, you are guaranteed a fun experience.

Dining & Nightlife on Aruba

Dining in Aruba is a brilliant experience, there are so many restaurants to choose from that you can visit and enjoy a different restaurant every night for a 2 week holiday and still have more to choose from! The traditional cuisine of Aruba are comprised of ingredients such as goat meat, stews with with local vegetables, fish and maize. A couple of the favorite dishes in Aruba are pastechi which is a pie filled with beef or cheese and cool island soup which is made from lime juice, apricot nectar, pineapple, cantaloupe and papaya. There are many other culinary delights that are a real treat when you are on vacation in a villa on the island. Aruba has a varied nightlife, with anything from lively nightclubs such as MooMba Beach to dance the night away, to Mambo Jambo for quiet relaxing drinks and trendy bars to just relax and enjoy local piano players entertain you.

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