St Kitts & Nevis Points of Interest and Information

St Kitts and Nevis are a lovely group of islands which are commonly referred to as the hidden gem of the southern Caribbean. There are 69 square miles of pretty diverse Eco systems with beaches, lagoons and lush green forest high up in the entrancing lovely mountains. When you couple this with the culture and history that's present on the islands and a standard temperature of 78 degrees yearly, it is not surprising that so many people decide to purchase Fractional Ownership Property on St Kitts and Nevis.

History of St Kitts and Nevis

Christopher Columbus discovered the islands in 1493, when the Carib people were living on the island. The British settled on St. Kitts (formerly called St Christopher) in 1623, followed by Nevis in 1628, the French had arrived 1 year previous causing more than 100 years of rivalry. The islands finally became under British control in 1782 when they defeated the French at Brimstone hill. St Kitts & Nevis were united along with Anguilla in 1882 and joined the West Indies in 1958 until its dissolution in 1962. St Kitts gained independence from the UK on September 19th 1983. the sugar industry on the islands took a downward turn in the mid eighties, causing the islands to concentrate more energy on industries such as tourism, which is now one of the most important industries on the islands today.

Things to do on St Kitts and Nevis

With miles of trails through the lush rainforest up to the mountains and national parks walkers, hikers and cyclers will be in heaven with the gorgeous views. When staying in St Kitts and Nevis rentals you will know that the islands are well known for the beautiful beaches and clear blue sea so it almost goes without saying that there are numerous water sports with activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling so that you can see the wonderful array of marine life with sponges, tropical fish and stingrays. If you prefer to have a relaxing time, you can always find a spot on the perfect beaches to relax and top up your tan. If you want to explore the historic side of the island, there are museums, old sugar mills and plantations, if this is not enough why not pay a visit to the famous rum distillery.

Shopping on both St Kitts and Nevis

Shopping in St Kitts and Nevis is a pleasurable experience with a mixture of shops offering just about anything you are looking for. Basseterre is the capital of St Kitts and offers many different options for shopping such as small malls selling an array of Kittitian delights and merchandise. There are some quaint little shops in which you can purchase locally designed clothing such as batik print from local shops along with beautiful art work from art galleries. Local arts and crafts made from traditional materials and objects. If it is duty free you are looking for there is a good range available on St Kitts for tobacco, alcohol, crystal, leather goods and much more. Nevis has a main shopping area called Charlestown which sells an abundance of imported wares. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables here and also fish from the fish market where local fisherman come to sell their catch daily. There are several small malls on Nevis for you to enjoy shopping for local crafts, and a trip to Nevis Pottery is a lot of fun.

Dining and Nightlife on St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis are well known for their reputation for fine foods, this reputation is guarded closely by restaurant owners on the islands. You will find restaurants that specialize in Chinese, Western Creole, Indian and West Indian foods. A lot of St Kitts restaurants have a continental menu with island additions for the less adventurous. Nevis is the smaller of the 2 islands and is considerably less grand, so when visiting Charlestown you will find smaller restaurants which cater more for locals than visitors who are staying in Condos on the island for their vacation, this is a good way to try out all the traditional cuisine of Nevis.

The islands of St Kitts and Nevis are very popular with tourists and are a great place to consider purchasing Fractional Ownership Property. St Kitts is the bigger more cosmopolitan of the 2 islands however there are plenty of things to do and see on both these charming islands.

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