The Cayman Islands are a Divers Paradise

For keen divers who are interested in purchasing Fractional Ownership Properties, the Cayman Islands offer an amazing selection of dive sites to enjoy all year round.

Grand Cayman has more than 175 dive sites which is a dazzling amount of choice. There are varied sites you can pick from including - steep, deep walls covered in sponges and beautiful coral, shallow reefs, wreck sites with engaging structures and surprising sea life. There's also a place called Stingray City which is the worlds best 12 foot dive. Grand Cayman has an enormous amount of Sea life to see and divers may just be able to watch them in their environment while diving as they tend not to take any notice of the divers around them, knowing that they pose no threat to them. Being this close to sealife is a perfect picture taking opportunity, you will witness things like Garden Eels, Parrot Fish, and Green Sea Turtles.

Little Cayman again has more than 50 dive sites which descend to a depth of 6000 feet and the island is so undeveloped that it provides divers with an experience like no other. It is actually about discovery on this island, the Island of Little Cayman is the least developed of all the islands and is home to only one hundred residents.

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