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Fractionals Real Estate in the Carribean offers various choices for you to purchase an island home through Fractional buying so that you can own, or rent your dream Caribbean vacation home. With Fractionalmarket.com you can make various choices for your island realty of Fractional Condos, Hotels and properties.

Benefits of owning/renting property at Fractionals:

  • Depending on the type of Caribbean property you choose to purchase, you will either own a fraction of the year to spend your vacation in the Caribbean or an investment which is put into a rental pool earning income throughout the year as well as being an owner on the deeds.

Why Us?

The FractionalsMarket.com is here with its many years of experience in the real estate market throughout the Caribbean islands. As part of the world renown Coldwell Banker Real Estate group offering property in the Caribbean Islands through the Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates, a property buyer can enter into a relationship with one of our qualified real estate agents with total confidence in making their property purchase. The FractionalsMarket.com has property for sale on many of the islands from the Bahamas to St Kitts and Nevis, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, British and US Virgin Islands to Bermuda.

What we exclusively offer to buyers:

Not only does The FractionalsMarket.com provide Caribbean property buyers with a wide choice of beautiful Condos and beachfront Caribbean villas, but they are top-of-the game in handling the sale of your vacation Caribbean condo or large acreage development. Through the marketing network of our Caribbean real estate affiliates, the Fractionals Market can find that elite buyer searching for your property.

When you search for the best real estate agent in the Caribbean, choose the agent with the track record for securing purchases, selling homes and insuring clients security and confidence and select Coldwell Banker and the FractionalsMarket.com for your Caribbean property purchase.

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